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Border Music, Mp3, Produced
Alternative Music for those who appreciate a uniquely different sound that challenges the conventional rules. Music that paints a picture with sound and colours the imagination with unexplored timescapes. Music that ventures into the unknown and explores other realities both playfully and profoundly.

Music that is both atmospheric and inspirational. It enhances other creative mediums such as Film, Television, Video, Documentaries, Animation and Computer Games, Relaxation and Healing Therapies etc. Contact:

Earth, Sea and SkyMP3 Download
Between Earth, Sea and Sky- K.Michael Dixon - a compilation of musical ideas and expressions, mainly instrumental that indulge the senses and orchestrates mood changes. A very compelling and fascinating introduction to K.Michael's world of sound. Fascinating - eased a troubled mind Janis Knight - Wolverhampton, England
Experiential TwoMP3 Download
Experiential Two - K.Michael Dixon - an experimentation, a quest, an adventure into sound effects and rhythms that invite the listener to explore and experience a range of musical qualities - some gentle, some very atmospheric, some other worldly but all unique and provocative. Wow! Experiential - Where did that come from - I really enjoyed the musical expressions -different just different Carol G. Sussex
Zen MoonMP3 Download

Zen Moon - K.Michael Dixon
Mysterious, weird and wonderful. Enjoy the rich panorama that musically colours ones vision. Journeying deeply into inner space and outer timelessness explore and experience new dimensions. Zen Moon - I could really meditate to this - its everything, weird, funky and deep,Kate M. England Loved the inter-dimensions Zen Moon took me to -cool - strange and freaky stuff - and different, especially the GM Food track(last track),John H.Jnr Eire
Protective BubbleMP3 Download

Protective Bubble - K.Michael Dixon - (Protective Music) - Therapeutic, hypnotic, let it take you to the place of healing within yourself. Used as a background with Therapists, Healers and in calming situations. Protective Bubble - is my favourite music when working as a McTimoney Back Therapist C. Gray - Chiropractor, Somerset, England Balances the room before Meditation and Healing - P.D. - Healer, Windsor, Berkshire
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