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Do you remember Sunrise?

SunriseMP3 Download
Sunrise - Consisted of K.Michael Dixon and Roy Young. They played in and around the Windsor, Slough, Maidenhead and Turville Heath (with Jacquie and Bridie 24/4/1971 who said You would be welcome to play on any of our gigs) and surrounding area 1970 - 1972. They played the first Slough Arts Festival playing their own self penned music and came second to Atlantic Gap who had flown in from America. Good News - I have found some of the material of that period - some studio tracks, that were, recorded at STAP Studios 1a Bexley Street, Windsor - engineered by Eric Keene & Brian. There are three tracks recorded at Marlow with Steve Jones (Heron/Mungo Jerry) at his home, Kenton House, Victoria Road, Marlow. The quality is quite good considering it was to an old domestic Tanberg 2Trk.
Words are not EnoughMP3 Download
Words Are Not Enough (Dixon-Colbourne-Dixon) 1995-6 - Album with K.Michael Dixon - Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Words, Vocals, his son Simon K. Dixon - Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals (Ex-Cry Hades, Frontier, Charlotte Edwards and Session Player) and Sarah Colbourne -Vocals, Keyboards - Vocalist Ex-Cry Hades & Fantasia. The album was a group project with words mainly written by K.Michael. Simon and Sarah now have their own band based in Oxford called Següe This album is a kaleidoscope of very different songs covers all sorts from jazz to funk and pop Danny B. Oxford, England
HookerMP3 Download

- K.Michael has the recordings of The Theatre, Chipping Norton (Oxfordshire) Gig 1984. When Hooker played two sell out shows. It was recorded off-camera to cassette in mono. Although it was recorded by video camera it gives a good representation of the show. There is also some studio tracks recorded at Cherwell Radio, Oxford. Hooker were described as a powerful band with a strong sense of Theatre, the fans of Hooker were like a family and often felt part of the band. Hooker comprised of Laurie Keene - Guitar/Vocals, Peter (Phred) Webb - Drummer/Vocals, Dave Catling - Guitar -Vocals, Debbie Heyden (the dancer) and (Ken) K.Michael Dixon - Bass Guitar. The band wrote the show The Rock and Roll Band You Would Love To Hate To Meet. There are also several of the group practice sessions, recorded simply to cassette at the old Stow Rugby Club, available as is, including some dialogue. The group electrical engineer & lighting expert was Mick Annesley. Many of the Hooker fans met through the Delta X-Ray CB Radio Group based at Stow on the Wold in the Cotswolds - K.Michael Dixon was DX-01 and Mick Annesley the DX-02 the Delta X-Ray group had over 1500 members when it ceased.
Ten Moons FoundMP3 Download

Ten Moons Found - The Dixon/Bramble Years - Although recorded on multi-track cassette, which was in its infancy at the time and not of particularly good quality Ian Bramble and K.Michael Dixon managed to recorded some unusual material, which never got released or realised. The potential was missed and the ideas sadly unfulfilled but some of those tracks are available (quality as described). Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards - Ian Bramble - Bass/Vocals/Music/Words - K.Michael Dixon with Nicky Smith backing vocals on some tracks. The period was 1985 - 87. All is available on CD. Ian now has his own band Airiel who play out of Banbury, Oxon. Their first album being tracked by K.Michael at Touchwood Music Studios 9, Park Street, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire in the mid 90s.
Too Young To Own a Home (But Old Enough To Be Kicked Out)MP3 Download

Too Young To Own a Home (But Old Enough To Be Kicked Out) - K.Michael Dixon - K.Michael’s first recordings were in two phases, the first phase 1968/9 with tracks like the very strange Mr. Spice’s Neurisis, The Hippy-Dippy G.T.M., Soft Machine, Spread Out For Miles & Miles (Under-Song Of Youth) weird, acoustic and different, second phase, 1969, with Ring of Wood, Same as Tomorrow, Hey! Jane, Linacre Lane and She’ll Be By My Side. Acoustic 12 String & vocal recorded at Stap Studios, Bexley Street, Windsor, Berkshire. These were remixed off original lost Master Tapes in 1989.
Touchwoodmusic.comMP3 Download

TouchWood Music - A compilation of tracks by various artists between 1988 and 1994 who were in the studio, recording material written by K.Michael Dixon playing with other musicians including: Roger Taylor-Drums, Simon K.Dixon - Guitar, Electric Drums/Percussion, Dave Catling - Guitar, Keyboard,Vocals, Chris Ongers - Vocals, Helen Griffin - Vocals, Matt Bucher - Drums, Brian Thompson - Sax, Nick Peyton, Sax and others. Further details available on request.

Left Bank (Blue Notes) - This is a 3 track CD of low quality taken off Acetate disc, the only recording of the band in a studio setting. It was recorded at STAP Studios, 1a Bexley Street, Windsor in 1968. It features Bruce Rednap on Vocals/Guitar (Bruce died, I have found out some years ago) - Jamie Strong on Slide Guitar/Harp - Robin Dufty on Vocals (Robin died some years ago of a Brain Haemorrhage) and K.Michael Dixon on Bass Guitar. Left Bank were originally known as The Blue Notes - K.Michael joined them with the original line up of Claude Richardson - Vocals (believed went back home to the Leeward Islands) Bruce Rednap - Guitar Andy Pyle - Drums Jamie Strong - Harp (Mouth Organ)/Slide Guitar. The band under its two names played at most of the fashionable gigs through the South East and was based in Windsor and Slough.
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