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Touchwood Music Studio is flexibly based with the ability to work from a fixed or location situation. All equipment is flight cased and is centred on Digital and Analogue Desks that are linked via patch bays to a Mac G4 computer. Audio tracking is split between Logic Audio Platinum, 2x Mother of the Unicorn Firewire 896 96Khz Interfaces and 2x Adat 48Khz recorders. TL Audio VL1 Valve interface adds warmth to the digital signals. Emagic Logic sequences the Midi combining audio, which then uses a range of outboard that includes Roland JD800 Keyboard, Roland JV1080 Synth, Proteus World/3 Synth, Alesis D4 Drums, Emu Sampler. The outboard comprises of DBX compressors and limiters. Effects are via Eventide H3000 Harmoniser with Sampler Board, Quadreverb Plus, Lexicon, Art and Joe Meek Optical Compressor. Mastering is via a DBX Quantum to a range of Fostex D5, Tascam DA30, Tascam DA20 MkII D.A.T. recorders, HHB MDP 500 Pro MiniDisc and Tascam professional Analogue Cassette as well as Tascam 42B Professional Quarter Inch 2-Track with Tascam DBX Type 1 Noise Reduction if needed. The final Master can be written to CD via an HHB 850 CD/R or CD RW Disc or as data via Yamaha and Sony CD Writers. Monitoring is via Canford Professional studio amp and Acoustic Energy AE1 monitors and Beyer DT100’s, Beyer DT770, Sennheiser HD580 Precision and HD 265 Linear Headphones. The whole of the above can work on location or as a smaller 2-track package recording direct to stereo via an AMS Soundfield ST250 Mic or Audio Technica AT822 Stereo Mic through an Audio Developments AD260 4-2 PPM Mixer. The signal is then recorded any of the above recorders. Recent ‘live’ work with a Classical Quartet was a recorded directly to the HHB MDP 500 and an Audio Technica AT822 Stereo Mic, this has subsequently been mastered for sale at their performances.
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