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K.Michael started writing in the 1960's. What started as songs with the various groups that he played with soon turned into prose, poetry, more songs. He was described as being a prolific writer by several newspapers. Often writing after waking up in the middle of the night saying that he felt his words were inspired. Whatever career point he found himself in it was usually accompanied by a note pad and pen - a lot of the early work still has to be transcribed.

"Poetry is not necessarily the correct term for my work as it would probably be better called Inspirational Writing". I work with musicians and singers, supplying and assisting with songs, scripts and material for projects generally . "I find that the words flow quite easily. I'm in the middle of writing a book at the moment, it's certainly zany - very unusual characters and plot. It's about Charlie an enlightened being who happens to be trapped in the body of an albino budgerigar and the subsequent adventures that ensue as he imparts his knowledge to a world based in this time and space but somehow through its uniqueness juxtaposes the seemingly ordinary with that which is extraordinary, humorous and bazaar". When K.Michael was recently working in South Africa an actress who read the outline suggested it would make a good script and one in which she'd like a starring role! "I'm now looking for a Publisher". "Now that we find ourselves in a new century - a new millennium - I feel that words are going to be so important. We need to find power words that will be felt rather than just thought. I feel that people are tired of being taken down avenues leading them nowhere - a sentence can hold as much power as a page of confusion. A paragraph can hold a chapter. A chapter can hold a book if the intent is there. We need to combine both the head and the heart - we need to feel with the head and think the heart. This calls for a marriage of the logical and rational with that which transcends meaning, a knowing that beggars all understanding, a truth that is beyond all information and learned knowledge. It cannot be acquired - it just is. My words come with love and intention and for no other reason than to share........."

Poems & Songs by K.Michael Dixon
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The Quiet End of a
Nowhere Lane


t the quiet end of a Nowhere lane
They say it's going to rain
No-one comes and no-one goes
Just the shadows and the echoes

Shallow ripples of sliding dreams
Smaller rivers start as smaller themes
Consequential episodes of climatic scores
Where no music sounds only
knocks on silent doors

Further down the pebbles moved by rain
Sit waiting rounded by pain
Thunder sounds across barren lands
Only moving rocks contemplate later sands

Features changing - nature on the run
If man made nature - who made the sun
Earth spirits gliding unseen by seeing eyes
Suddenly a ghost spirits in chaos-skies

When left meets right in balanced ways
Life meets death and something stays
Features founding in a frantic fight
The method spins the difference
between day and night

The cricketer turns waiting for a spinning ball
The juxta-position learns between short and tall
Fiction meets where reality aligns
Shorter men have shorter spines

Crimson reflect the colours of red
Some say it is the colour of the bled
Far up high in some distant sky
Smaller birds learn as bigger birds fly

So smaller pebbles move to smaller stream
One man's poison is another man's dream
Up above is as much as down below
For a poor man's reason allows the rich
man to grow

At the quiet end of a nowhere lane
The scream is rising to meet the same sustain
For the fallen have risen where the
mighty have lain
It is nothing but the quiet end of a nowhere lane

K.Michael Dixon



For once the wisdom stood short of the truth
Realisation crept in with understanding
Comprehension knew all and was Knowledge
Fantasy sat in the shadows waiting for Stability
Reliance was the outcome but only as a Fraction
Which split into many parts as a dissemination of the whole
Which in turn formed an allegance - an alliance which was the Reason

Passion the fore-runner of Illusion accepted Lust as Awareness
Birth the crusader of Trust felt the design as Fortune
Desire fuelled this as Prudence which became a vision
Endurance fostered Hope sitting to one side of Vanity
Where all around was the Void surrounded by Negativity and Solitude
Triumph ruled giving to the causation and persuasion of Rebirth and the Ultimate Sin

Fear rose rising higher to a point where it could hold no more
A juxtaposition was reached where Value became tried
Clandestine thoughts merged with the higher nature
Completion was 'One' and became timeless
Distance was not Reality - Oblivion was not Destiny
Distinction spun from control to control searching for Reserection
From 'All' only 'One' could be found and was the point of Singularity
This sped the emergence of certainty which was Infinity

K.Michael Dixon

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